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The Nielsen BookScan service is the world’s largest continuous book sales tracking service operating in India, the UK, Ireland, Australia, US, South Africa, New Zealand, Italy, Brazil and Spain.

We collect total transaction data at the point of sale directly from the tills and dispatch systems of all major book retailers. This ensures that detailed and highly accurate sales information on which books are selling, and at what price, is available to the book trade.

The Indian panel was launched in October 2010.

The Indian panel covers a significant market of organised book sales in India. The shop panel has increased since its launch and current coverage is approx 300,000 units at a value of INR 80 million and 70,000 different titles (ISBNs) each week.

Data is available to subscribing clients and contributing retailers on a weekly basis just 6 days after the measured periods ends. Information is available via BookScan Online, our flexible, web-based analysis tool.  Bespoke ad hoc reports can also be commissioned.  Individual retailer information is confidential and retailers have to participate in the panel to have access to India panel information.

Book charts and title sales are available for all genre. Market information can be analysed by various criteria including category, publisher, country of publication and format. Market trends are readily linked to the titles driving the results, so patterns can be interpreted easily. The actual price paid for the book is tracked so levels of discounting can also be reported.

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