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Brands risk losing the Woman of Tomorrow!

This report is focused on the female shopper in the UK. It has been created
for International Women’s Day by Women In Nielsen, an employee resource
group within our UK business supporting diversity and inclusion.
Women dominate FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Good) shopping,
accounting for 70% of spend and 65% of trips. They therefore have a big
influence on FMCG shopping behaviour overall. By age 67, a female has
completed a whopping 10,000 shopping trips.

Women buy 56% of books, but only account for 50% of spend. They are
buying cheaper books on average than men. However younger women buy
the most expensive books of all female age groups.

To download a free copy of the report:Brands risk losing the Woman of Tomorrow!

Nielsen has released the results of its findings in a White Paper: The Link Between Metadata and sales

Nielsen has released its research in a White Paper to demonstrate the benefits of enriched data on book sales. After its initial findings were released in 2011, Nielsen undertook further research that provides more in-depth information about the impact of data on book sales, not just the type of data but also by genre.

The Link Between Metadata and sales

For further information contact:

Andre Breedt, Nielsen Book Research Director,
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